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We get asked constantly about what products we would recommend to aid you in your body transformation journey. So we have compiled a few of our favorite products! Remember these are supplemental for a reason: while they can help you get to your goal faster, the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise are the key to making sure you get to the finish line.

1) Lady Boss Lean Premium Protein For Women

"A Quick Way To Get The Protein AND Vitamins Your Body Needs! An Ultra-Premium, All-In-One Nutritional Meal Shake Powered By Science and Formulated Specifically For Women."


 2) Lady Boss Lifestyle Pocket Personal Trainer

"Everything You Need Right At Your Fingertips To Get Healthy, Maximize Your Fitness & Lose The Weight For Good. No More Complicated Fitness and Weight Loss Programs or Paying a Personal Trainer $100 An Hour To Stare At You While You Exercise to Lose Weight."

Lady Boss Lifestyle Pocket Personal Trainer


3) Lady Boss Greens

"Harness The Power Of Nature’s Most Potent Superfoods Without Juicing, Shopping, or Blending! Supercharge Your Body’s Natural Energy & Wellness Mechanisms With Ingredients From 35 Nature Perfected Superfoods."

Lady Boss Greens


*Full disclosure, some of these links are affiliates, and we do get a small percentage of payment if you buy from our links (it will come at no additional cost to you). However, the SHeHealth team has personally tried each of these products and we recommend them to you BECAUSE we found them helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions just because you buy something. There is already enough misinformation in the health and wellness industry, and we have made it our mission to make sure we stand AGAINST that. Please only buy these products if you feel you need them or they will help you in your goals.