zeno gym reviews

Zeno Gym Reviews

Everyone knows how important exercise is in keeping our bodies and minds healthy, but when it comes down to it, working out is actually very difficult.

You may not have the time, or the money to invest in good self-care or gym routines, and so exercising is pushed to the sidelines in our lives.

Not everyone lives across the street from an affordable gym, and if we do, then finding the motivation and time to spend your leisure time sweating on a treadmill is not something everyone can and wants to do.

What is the alternative in the case? Can you really afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on making a home gym just to make working out easier and more convenient?

zeno gym reviews

Not everyone has a spare room that can be filled with heavy, expensive gym equipment, but there is an alternative that may still give you everything you would want and need from a home gym. That is the Zeno Gym.

Today we are going to take a deep dive into Zeno Gym, a fresh new all-in-one home training solution that can be utilized by people of all shapes and sizes with a range of fitness goals and levels of fitness.

Will this gym set be able to help you achieve your goals? Is it worth your time and investment? All of this and more will be answered here.

Read on to learn all about what Zeno Gym has to offer!

Zeno Gym - What Is It?

Zeno Gym is a very new fitness equipment company based in the United States that was founded in 2020.

The founders, Louis Rodriguez and Will Torrez wanted to make high-quality at-home and portable training equipment that would make physical activity simple and accessible to everyone.

The company was created on the assumption that it would build tools to help individuals in realizing their full potential.

They believe that change begins with the individual and that you can become anything you set your mind to.


While Zeno Gym is best known for its benches and squat boards, the company also sells several additional training equipment's that may be used in combination with their benches.

Each purchase includes specialized software that teaches you how to perform over 100 unique workouts in just minutes.

When it comes to physical fitness, the majority of their equipment is geared toward weight training and bench work.

Resistance training is the most efficient way to build and enhance muscle mass while simultaneously shedding fat and increasing metabolism in a short period of time.

The Bench

Zeno Gym Workout Bench One

Zeno’s workout bench is the company’s main product offering. At any time and in any location, the bench may be used to offer a full-body exercise.

It may be used for a range of workouts, including step-ups that strengthen your legs, bench presses shoulder rows, glute raises, hip thrusts, and butterfly presses.

However, it may be used for a variety of other purposes. This equipment can be used in place of weight benches, cable machines, and free weights.

All of this is due to the attachments and adjustable resistance bands, which may amp up the intensity and difficulty of your workouts.

Resistance bands are a staple of workout routines and are commonly used today to tone the body and provide additional weight resistance to basic movements.

While they have become associated more with workouts tailored to women, this is equipment that is suitable for everyone.

You may be hesitant to work try resistance bands because you picture the rubber elastic rings that you wrap around your knees or ankles to add a little additional kick to your squat or lunge.

However, resistance bands are much more than elastic rubber rings.

While the bench is ideal for several gravity-resisting sports, it is the resistance bands supplied with the Zeno gym that truly distinguish this set-up.

Accessories And Attachments

So what is included? The bench is the main feature, and at just 35 pounds, it is a surprisingly light alternative for home gyms.

There are six D-rings after that for attaching straps and other items.

As a result, you may use the bands to do a broad variety of resistance workouts, exercising every muscle group and area of your body. Then there are the real bands.

There are three pairings, which may be used alone or in pairs to operate on both sides simultaneously.

Each pair of bands has a different resistance level, so you can tailor your workout to your skill level or intensity.

Resistance is essentially the same as lifting weights, so can be used as an alternative to having lots of weights in the room.

In a gym, it is feasible to use a physical 30lb or even 50lb weight on the leg press, but all of those different weight discs take up valuable floor space and are incredibly difficult to move about.

When used appropriately, resistance bands take up almost no space and provide the same level of gravity resistance as a certain quantity of weight.

Weight training is entirely resistance training; we are aiming to counteract the weights' gravitational pull. The higher the weight, the more effort is necessary to overcome gravity.

With the Zeno Gym Workout Bench, you won't have to worry about your home office or bedroom being cluttered with weights, bars, and benches.

Rather than contending with gravity, you fight the bench by tying the straps around your waist.

The bands come in three different weights: 15 pounds, 30 pounds, and 50 pounds, allowing you to target different muscle regions with changing resistance. Simply unclip the band and swap the two components.

Additionally, the bands may be modified in length, allowing them to be utilized in the same manner as cable machines at the gym.

Donkey kicks may be performed with the whole length of the ropes, but seated bicep curls require shorter ropes.

This gives you ultimate control over the effectiveness of your workout.

Also, the Zeno Gym has two grips for increased comfort while pulling the resistance bands with your hands and one ankle strap for training your legs and glutes with the resistance cable resistance system.

The App

The Zeno Gym software, which is available for Android and iOS devices, is jam-packed with practical training ideas that make use of the Zeno Gym Workout Bench, which is available for free download from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store.

There is no reason to be concerned if your creative juices run dry during a workout and you wish you had a personal trainer guiding you through the next set of exercises.

The Zeno Gym app is brimming with useful suggestions and exercise videos that will assist you in maintaining good technique and getting the most out of your Zeno Gym Bench.

Apart from that, the Zeno Gym YouTube channel features a slew of really beneficial how-to videos that may help you broaden your fitness expertise and discover new ways to tone certain muscle groups, among other things.

Build And Durability

Despite the fact that the Zeno Gym has a few competitors that are equivalent in terms of storage capacity or price, they pale in comparison to the Zeno Gym's versatility, as well as the product's lifespan and quality.

While we've previously covered how versatile it is in terms of resistance bands, location, and the varied weights and lengths that allow for more flexible usage, it's worth noting the extent to which the producers have gone to guarantee this device is of great quality and durability.

With enhanced flexibility and a comfortable and durable vinyl coating, this bench is built to stay.

Eleven layers of Polywood reinforce the structure, which is then filled with high-resilience foam to assure the equipment's long-term reliability. This is unmistakably a high-quality product.

Pros And Cons


  • Suitable for everyone - the Zeno Gym is suitable for both beginners to gym workouts and pros who want the convenience of having a home gym. Thanks to the online content that the brand products, you can easily follow along with workouts and try new exercises. Pros will also love the versatility that this product provides
  • Can do 100 workouts just on the bench - so long as you also have the resistance band, you will be able to do 100 different workouts from the comfort of your own home
  • Lightweight and small - the equipment provided is very lightweight, making it super easy for you to move it around your home or tuck it away in a large cupboard or wardrobe


  • Customer service is not the best - unfortunately, if you have any issues with your product, you may struggle to get through to customer service or have your issue resolved. Many customers have complained online about this issue, to no real changes benign made by the company
  • Too small for some - Taller people, especially men, may find that the bench is too thin and short for them, as it seems to have been designed more with shorter women in mind

Summary - Is The Zeno Gym Worth It?

Overall, the products made by Zeno Gym seem to be able to provide you with an excellent full body workout.

Their online instructional videos are an excellent service that will help beginners to improve their workout skills, while also giving more experienced people new ideas that can be added to their routines.

While the products may be a little short for some people, there is no harm in buying the equipment to try it out, as it makes a very effective home gym.

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