What Is E3 Live?

What Is E3 Live?

We all know that we need to make healthier choices and improve our lifestyles. But with so many people living hectic lives it can be difficult to do the right thing.

Superfoods are a great way to pack in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

What Is E3 Live?

Their high nutritional density is a great way to begin your health journey - just a few small changes and you could be well on the way to reducing your chances of getting some serious health problems.

E3 Live is a great option for those looking to get on the superfood bandwagon. Curious? Keep reading to find out more about this fantastic food and the benefits it could have for you.

What Is E3 Live?

E3 Live is the edible version of a freshwater species of algae.

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is found all around the world, including the Great Lakes in North America and the Baltic Sea around the Northern and Central European Plain.

Studies have shown that regularly ingesting these algae improves your immune system.

Eating E3 Live - the nontoxic variant of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae - improves the ability of your immune system’s natural killer cells by around 40%.

Natural killer cells are an essential element of fighting off diseases and improving your immune reaction.

E3 Live sold as a food supplement can have over 65 minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Such a wide variety of healthy components make these algae a true superfood.

Keep in mind that, in this form, E3 Live algae is super easy for your body to ingest. This means that you are practically guaranteed to get all of the benefits of this algae with no difficulty.

E3 Live Benefits

So why exactly is E3 Live so wonderful?

Here are just some of the reported benefits:

  • Good for the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps keep you on track with weight loss
  • Provides a steady release of energy
  • Helps regulate your moods

With all of these benefits, it is not surprising that E3 Live is considered to be beyond a superfood.

Regularly taking E3 Live is going to nourish all of your body - from your brain to your intestines, every organ in your body will benefit from macro and micronutrients that are found in E3 Live.

It is safe for children and most brands are safe to take during pregnancy. However, do not hesitate to contact your doctor before taking this supplement if you are unsure.

Is It A Supplement?

Is It A Supplement?

Keep in mind that, though it is available in capsule form, E3 Live is not a traditional supplement.

It is technically a type of food, with the UN and the World Bank declaring that this species of algae and others may be the solution to the food crisis.

All this means that it is far easier for your body to digest and absorb E3 Live’s nutrients. It is a food, and not a supplement, so is far more readily bioavailable to your body and you could absorb up to 97% of its nutrients.

Compare this to traditional supplements that are less than 25% absorbable by your body. The other 75%? That leaves your body as waste and serves no nutritional purpose and is a waste of your money.

The astounding difference between absorption rates comes from the fact that your body cannot properly absorb manufactured supplements as they contain a lot of artificial ingredients.

This makes it difficult for your body to recognize what the key ingredient is so you get none of the benefits but all of the costs.

What Is In E3 Live?

We all like to know what, exactly, we are putting into our bodies, and superfoods should be no different.

E3 Live contains a wide variety of beneficial ingredients, including:

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote brain health and development
  • 11 vitamins
    • Biotin to support major organ group systems
    • Folic acid for efficient red blood cell production
    • Vitamin A for the immune system and eyesight support as well as healthy reproductive organs
    • Vitamin B1 for peak energy production
    • Vitamin B2 and B5 for a healthy metabolism
    • Vitamin B6 for a healthy immune system and amino acid presence in your blood
    • Vitamin B12 for healthy blood and nerve cell function
    • Vitamin D for good regulation of calcium and phosphates in your body
    • Vitamin E for the maintenance of healthy skin, eyes, and connective tissue
  • All essential amino acids to help keep your muscles healthy
  • Other trace minerals to help keep your body functioning properly

Is E3 Live Vegan?

The ingredient, vitamin, and mineral contents are so varied that they can help supplement a restricted diet. This includes anyone who follows a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

E3 Live is a great way to make up for any missing vitamins or minerals that come from meat or animal-based sources.

Taking E3 whilst you are following veganism or vegetarianism will help keep your body healthy and guarantee that you are not missing out on any key nutrients.

Omega 3 and 6 are two particularly important fatty acids that many vegans and vegetarians miss out on.

Instead of taking fish oil supplements that many people feel involve cruel and unsustainable practices, why not try E3 Live?

These algae have high Omega 3 and 6 content to help reduce inflammation and keep your immune system in tip-top condition.

Final Thoughts

Want to help keep your body primed with all of the vitamins and minerals that you need? We recommend that you try E3 Live.

These algae are packed full of vital nutrients that your body needs and are easily absorbed meaning that your body gets almost all of the benefits that you pay for.

E3 Live is delivered to your door in liquid form. This is as close to its natural state as possible, meaning that the algae are still alive and able to deliver its numerous benefits to your body.

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