Vanna Belt Reviews

Vanna Belt Reviews

Vanna Belt specializes in selling products that are designed to help with weight loss.

Vanna Belt Reviews

From waist trainers to stomach tightening creams, this company is all about getting women feeling their best. Many of their products are designed with post-pregnancy bodies in mind which will help you get back to feeling like yourself after your bundle of joy arrives.

Keep reading to find out more about the products that this brand offers.

About Vanna Belt

In recent years, shapewear and waist trainers have become more and more popular. These products are sold as promoting weight loss, helping you reach your fitness goals, and keeping your silhouette streamlined.

Vanna Belt, a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, created the Vanna Belt company in 2013 to help women stay on track with their weight loss. The line also helps get rid of some of the more unsightly aspects of weight loss, namely the deterioration of skin quality.


First up, we have the VBelt. These are a range of waist trainers that help create a sauna-like effect while you exercise.

Waist trainers are a type of body belt that sits against your abdominal skin. This is widely reported to have a cinching effect. However, the only scientific claim that can be fully attributed to waist trainers is that they increase your temperature while you exercise.

An increase in temperature will make you sweat more. This will increase your calorie-burning rate, helping you to lose weight. You may also find that losing more water will give you a boost in weight loss.

Vanna Belt has designed each of their VBelts with comfort in mind. That said, there is no noticeable difference in functionality - the belts will work even if you forget that you are wearing one.

Vanna Belt recommends that you apply their signature VGel before wearing a VBelt. They also recommend that you begin exercising with the belt on for 15 minutes, gradually increasing to half an hour as your body acclimatizes.

It is also recommended that you exercise no more than three to five times a week. This is more than enough to act as a weight loss aid without increasing your risk of an exercise-related injury.

Vanna Belt has designed this belt so that you can wear it as part of your everyday life. If you do choose to do this, do not apply the VGel first. This will be too much for your skin and is likely to irritate.

Vanna Belt


There are a few different models of VBelt to choose from.

The VBelt is the standard waist trainer. This product claims to slim down your waist by around 3 inches. This will help create a smooth silhouette under your form-fitting clothes.

Then we have the VBelt 2.0. This belt option is ideal for those of you who have a larger torso. It works the same as the original VBelt but is just that little bit longer.

Go for the VVest if you want to lift your chest whilst slimming down your waist. You may find that the support from this body belt helps improve your posture.

Finally, you have the VBody. This waist trainer is going to help slim down your thighs thanks to its Powernet compression technology that is incorporated into the design.

There are some other VBelt products available, but these are our favorites! Do not be afraid to experiment with this range to help you achieve your dream body.


Unlike the VBelts and other waist trainers, there is some credible and definite science behind the VGel range.

These gels have been developed to help out your problem areas - be it your thighs, stomach, hips, or anywhere else. They are intended to help firm up your skin, firm out any stretch marks, and go beyond the cosmetic limitations of exercise.

With any amount of weight loss, you could develop loose skin or dimpled skin. VGels are a range of skin creams and skin care products that help firm skin, making Vanna Belt a one-stop shop for your weight loss journey.

As with all skincare products, be sure to consult with a medical professional before using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or just plain unsure about potential side effects.

Gel V Hot has been invented to act as an overnight reduction gel. It is designed to help smooth out lumps or dimples, particularly in the glute and thigh area. Use it nightly for the best results.

Gel V is the original line of this gel, also available in airplane-friendly sizes. It is designed to prevent loose or dimpled skin as your weight goes down. It should also help combat stretch marks.

Take a tablespoon of the cream and vigorously massage it into your midriff region until it is fully absorbed. Use half this amount for your arms or your booty.

Gel V Ingredients

The active ingredients in all of the Gel V range are green tea, sea oak algae, and Gotu kola which can help stimulate collagen production.

Green tea has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a popular ingredient for lots of skincare products.

This is because it will help eradicate free radicals, prevent permanent damage, and act as a moisturizer. That said, its role in stomach tightening creams is not yet fully established by the scientific community.

Sea oak algae may be listed as Fucus vesiculosus on the ingredient list and are used to treat an array of symptoms. It has been linked to easing joint pain and arthritis, as well as boosting the immune system. It may even help combat obesity in some cases.

More recently, this algae has been linked to improving the elasticity of cheek skin and reducing the appearance of stretch mark scarring. The one ingredient in these products that you need to be aware of is triethanolamine. This is a common ingredient in the world of cosmetology as it helps increase a product’s pH, lengthening the shelf life, and make emulsification easier.

There is, however, some evidence to suggest that this ingredient may be carcinogenic. It has been linked to certain types of cancer - namely liver, bladder, and testicular - in lab animals when used for extended periods. You may also find that it causes significant skin irritation.

Remember that all of these risks can be easily mitigated by washing off any product after use and taking regular breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Waist Trainers Safe?

When used correctly, waist trainers do not pose any significant health risks. You need to make sure that you are not wearing your trainer too tightly as it will restrict your rib cage and limit the volume of air that you can breathe in. This may lead you to feel lightheaded, or even faint.

You also need to make sure that you do not bruise, irritate, or break your skin as a result of wearing a waist trainer as this will be very uncomfortable and may cause additional issues.

With extreme improper use, you could force your internal organs into unhealthy positions. If this happens you are probably going to experience uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, or embarrassing side effects like excessive gas.

Wearing a waist trainer incorrectly in the long run is also bad for your health. This is because the support provided by these belts means that your abdominal muscles don’t need to work to keep you upright, potentially causing atrophy.

Will Vanna Belt Help Me Lose Weight?

No, waist training alone will not help you lose weight. You need to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and make healthier food choices if you want to shift those pounds.

That said, you will notice some additional weight loss once you begin to use these belts when you exercise. This is because you will get warmer, sweat more, and so lose water weight. Keep in mind that this loss is temporary and will come back the next time you are hydrated.

Will Vanna Belt Gels Help With Scarring?

There is some indisputable science behind the gels that suggests you will have some success using them regularly.

The ingredients are designed to help combat common weight loss side effects - from loose skin to unsightly dimples. The active ingredients suggest that the Gel V range will help any type of scarring including C-Section scars.

That said, we recommend that these products are kept to your body and not used on your face.

Final Thoughts

Vanna Belt products are as good a choice as any in terms of waist trainers. Be sure to adhere to all of the instructions so that you can be sure that you are not compromising your health.That said, the VGels available from Vanna Belt are far more likely to succeed in helping you get the body you want. The active ingredients are going to help prevent scars from developing. The creams should also help with the appearance of scars that have already developed.

Remember that this is not limited to just stretch mark scarring - there is no reason why scars from surgical procedures won’t fade when you use these gels.

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