Primal Kitchen Ranch Review

Primal Kitchen Ranch Review

There is no sauce quite like ranch dressing. There isn’t a salad that can’t be made better by adding ranch to it. In fact, anything that you add this sauce to tastes outstanding. However, it is often rather difficult to find a healthy ranch dressing.

When you visit the condiment aisle of any grocery store, there will be lots of companies producing ranch dressing. However, if you check the ingredients list, you will find that pretty much all of them contain the same ingredients, and some of these ingredients aren’t favorable.

So, if you are somebody who is looking for a ranch dressing that is healthier, or a ranch dressing that is sugar or dairy-free, you might have come across Primal Kitchen. As a company, Primal Kitchen specializes in making organic alternatives for sauces, dressings, and lots more.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to the ranch dressings that are readily available in most grocery stores, you have likely considered Primal Kitchen.

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing Primal Kitchen ranch dressing. So, if you want to find out if this dressing is worth the money, keep on reading.

Primal Kitchen Ranch Review

Primal Kitchen Ranch

What Is Primal Kitchen Ranch?

First things first, let’s take a look at what Primal Kitchen Ranch is. As you would expect, Primal Kitchen ranch is a type of ranch dressing that is produced by Primal Kitchen.

This dressing tastes very similar to any ranch dressing, but it is special because of the way it is made, and the ingredients used to produce it.

As we have said, Primal Kitchen is special because they make their products using organic ingredients as and when possible.

This means that pretty much their entire product range is suitable for those that follow an organic lifestyle.

Their ranch dressing is also designed to be suitable for those who follow certain diets, including those that follow keto and paleo diets, in addition to those who restrict their sugar intake.

Primal Kitchen produces a couple of different types of ranch dressing, and we will take a look at the different variations a little later on.

But, for the main part of this review, we’ll be focusing on Primal Kitchen’s classic Ranch Dressing and Marinade. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ingredients that are used to produce it.

What Is Primal Kitchen Ranch Made Of?

Now that we know what Primal Kitchen Ranch is, let’s take a look at what is used to make it. As we have said, what makes Primal Kitchen special is the ingredients that they use to make their products. So, what do they use in their ranch dressing?

Primal Kitchen Ranch Review

At the heart of Primal Kitchen Ranch is avocado oil, and this first ingredient is part of what makes Primal Kitchen Ranch stand out from its competitors. However, it isn’t the only ingredient that differs.

As well as using avocado oil, this ranch dressing uses a mixture of distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar to form a base.

Organic egg yolks and a range of other seasonings are then added to the recipe to give the ranch dressing its flavor. A full ingredient list is available on their website.

The fact that eggs are used in this recipe is a somewhat controversial decision, and it is something that will frustrate some customers.

This is primarily because Primal Kitchen Ranch is dairy-free, and a lot of people expect dairy-free products to not contain eggs either.

By including egg yolks, even if they are organic, this ranch dressing becomes unsuitable for vegans which is frustrating for those who follow this lifestyle.

What Does It Taste Like?

Of course, the ingredients that are used to make a ranch dressing have a huge influence on the flavor of the sauce.

That is why Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing does have a slightly different taste to most other ranch dressings. The most notable difference in flavor that you will notice is the presence of avocado.

Most regular ranch dressings will not contain avocado, instead a ranch dressing that is made using avocado will be known as an avocado ranch dressing.

However, this is the main ranch dressing that Primal Kitchen produces. So, you will not only be able to taste avocado in their avocado dressing, but their regular dressing too.

However, the flavor of avocado aside, Primal Kitchen Ranch tastes very similar to most other ranch dressings that you can buy.

If anything, the only other difference that you might notice in flavor is that Primal Kitchen ranch tastes cleaner and healthier.

This is because the company uses organic ingredients to produce their sauce, and only the best organic ingredients possible. So, while it tastes slightly different to most ranch dressings, Primal Kitchen Ranch does taste really good.

Product Variations

As we mentioned earlier, Primal Kitchen actually produces a couple of different types of Ranch dressing.

At the core of this is the ranch dressing that we have just been discussing, but let’s take a look at some of the other variations available to you.

They include a vegan ranch dressing and a ranch dressing dip.In particular, their vegan ranch dressing is an outstanding product. As we mentioned when looking at the ingredients list, the biggest drawback of Primal Kitchen Ranch is that it includes egg yolks.

The simple inclusion of egg yolks in the recipe means that it is unsuitable for vegans, even though Primal Kitchen, as a company, caters for those who follow alternative diets.

But, the company has rectified this issue by offering a vegan alternative.In addition, their ranch dressing dip caters to a different customer entirely. This dip is perfect to pair with chips for a snack, or to scoop onto a plate alongside some chips as a side dish.

This dip tastes exactly the same as their regular ranch dressing, it simply has a thicker consistency and is sold in a jar rather than a bottle.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the product variations, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this ranch dressing.


Firstly, let’s take a look at the main benefits of Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing.

Healthy Alternative

One of the biggest benefits of Primal Kitchen ranch dressing is that it is a healthy alternative to regular ranch dressing.

It is healthier for a number of different reasons, but the main one is the fact that Primal Kitchen ranch is designed without sugar in its recipe.

In addition, the recipe is also dairy, canola and soy-free. It is also Whole30 approved, so it is a much healthier alternative to regular ranch dressing.

Suitable For Paleo And Keto Diets

Primal Kitchen caters to those who follow alternative diets. This is the main reason why their ranch dressing is suitable for those following both keto and paleo diets.

These diets are ones that a lot of companies do not cater for, so it is very refreshing for those that follow these diets that Primal Kitchen caters for them.

Tastes Like Ranch

When you have healthy alternatives, you will often find that they taste nothing like the thing that they are trying to replicate. However, this isn’t the case for Primal Kitchen Ranch.

There is a slight difference in flavor between this and other dressings (because of the use of avocado oil), but this difference is minor, and it is something that you will quickly get used to.

So, if you want a healthy ranch dressing that tastes like ranch, this product is perfect.

Vegan Option Available

Finally, Primal Kitchen ranch is perfect because they cater for those following vegan and non-vegan diets.

Instead of producing a single vegan product, Primal Kitchen produces a regular ranch dressing that contains egg yolks, and one that does not.

This means that they cater for pretty much every diet that you could follow.


However, no company is perfect. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of Primal Kitchen Ranch.


This first drawback is something that is pretty true of most healthy alternatives. Pretty much every product that Primal Kitchen produces is priced higher than alternatives that you can buy in the grocery store, and this can be off-putting.

However, this higher price point is justified. Primal Kitchen uses top notch ingredients, and they put a lot of effort into ensuring that their products are suitable for those who follow alternative diets. This is why they are priced higher.

Sour Taste

As avocado oil is used in the production of this ranch dressing, there is a slight sour taste to it that you don’t experience in other ranch dressings.

However, this is only a slight difference in flavor, and it is something that you will quickly get used to. So, this alone shouldn’t be enough to put you off trying this ranch dressing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would say that Primal Kitchen Ranch is a great product to consider if you are looking for a healthier alternative to regular ranch dressing.

It is also a great choice if you are following a paleo or keto diet. Likewise, if you are vegan then you can try out the Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch which contains no eggs.Primal Kitchen is slightly more expensive than some other alternatives on the market. However, we would say that it is definitely worth it. Especially if you want a high-quality, healthy ranch alternative.

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