Organixx Collagen Review

Organixx Collagen Review

Organixx is not the only company that preaches the mission to help people become the healthiest version of themselves. Of course, many companies share this health inspired mission.

While we do not often relate collagen to health, it does have health benefits. We typically think of plastic surgery when we think of collagen, simply thanks to celebrity news, but collagen is more than that.

Before we start looking into this specific product let's look at what Organixx themselves have to say. Well, they obviously preach much about health and goals.

Organixx Collagen Review

They state that they believe each customer should be centralized, and they strive to ensure their team provides that special spark to help customers reach success, and keep them motivated.

It is nice to hear.

Of course, they are more than just a positive bunch, they have a great customer service mission and refund policy, which is super important, however, they also use bioavailable nutrient content and high quality ingredients.

So, to summarize, so far, we like what we are hearing, but what about the finite details of Organixx collagen… let’s look..

To Start - What Is It?

Let’s start with the basics. Organixx collagen is a clean sourced collagen and a very highly rated product. Over recent years it is no secret that collagen has become very popular.

Not because of the reasons you read about in celebrity magazines, but because it has some real health boosting effects.

The health boosting effects that are most noted are with hair, skin, and nails. So for men and women who are concerned with the health of their skin as they age, brittle nails or frail hair, collagen has become something of a game changer.

We won’t say that the effects and ways in which this all works have been solidly proven, because that would be untrue, however, the research is ongoing, and it proves to be very promising in its positive health effects.

But, the real question we are all asking is what exactly sets Organixx Collagen apart from all of the other brands and makes?

Well, it is unique. You see, it uses a unique blend of five types of collagen. But, it also contains zinc and vitamin C, which are much needed anyway. Including zinc and vitamin C help to enhance the bioavailability of the collagen in the body.

This particular type of collagen is simple and easy to use, and it is also considered to be a complete protein as well. However, we are hardly done yet.

Let’s keep on delving into the world of Organixx Collagen, and discover if this collagen is worth all the hype it's getting, and the price tag it comes with.

What Is In It?

It is not only the effects that are important in a product, but also the ingredients that go into it.

The main ingredients that you can find in this particular collagen incorporate five types of collagen’s, as well as multiple nutrients and different compounds that help to improve the absorption and production of collagen in the body.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


Organixx Collagen

The Collagen’s

Okay, so here we have Collagen’s type I, II, III, V, and X. They are the different types that are in Organixx Collagen.

They are sourced from the main places in which you find collagen, these include; wild-caught fish, antibiotic-free chicken, eggshell membrane collagen, and grass-fed cows.

Each of these collagen’s sources provide a wide variety of nutrients and a total and complete profile of amino acids. Which makes this collagen not only brilliant but a complete protein that gives us many benefits for our nails, hair, and skin.

However, this also helps our immune system and the health of our bones and joints too!

Acerola Cherry

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. This is a fruit, one which is added to the formula of this product as it is one of the best sources available for vitamin C.

It is also excellent as it contains around 150 phytonutrients, some of which include polyphenols and flavonoids, which are absolutely stellar antioxidants.


Tryptophan is an amino acid which they add into the formula for this collagen as it happens to boost its efficacy, assisting in making it a complete protein.

Camu Camu

Camu Camu grows in the Amazon Rainforest, it is used there as a medicine. This particular medicine is believed to be heavily anti-viral and a source of vitamin C.

This vitamin is used so heavily in collagen products as it is vital to assist our bodies in the production and absorption of collagen.

Organic Horsetail Extract

You might not think it, but horsetail can be useful. The silica from organic horsetail is believed to be a natural part of collagen, which also helps to keep your connective tissues strong.


Whatever dietary supplement you take, you want collagen, but you also want other ingredients that will increase its efficiency.

Zinc gluconate is a mineral that is believed to increase the absorption of collagen into our bodies. However, it is also known to be very beneficial for our skin and immune systems. Hence, why we can also buy solo zinc tablets alone as well.

Vitamin B6

Finally, let’s consider pyridoxine, which is a type of the B6 vitamin. Often, we have normal levels of this, but if you are deficient then the collagen is not going to be properly absorbed, and it will be a wasted effort.

Organixx can assist in raising the levels of collagen in your body by adding in vitamin b6 if you are deficient.

What’s It Got Going For It?

Pros and the cons are a requirement of any review, so let’s look at what is so special about this particular product.

The Good

Organixx Collagen is a complete protein source. They say that most other collagen’s are not, as they do not have those essential amino acids. Without these they are not a complete protein and therefore Organixx can supplement protein in the diet better. Organixx Collagen helps rid you of those wrinkles. When you age your body does not produce as much collagen which leads to wrinkles. Supplementing with this product can help to fend off those worrisome wrinkles. It can also help to hydrate your skin too. It helps the health of your bones and joints. Collagen actually helps to keep osteoarthritis and osteoporosis at bay. Collagen helps tissues and makes our joints fresher. Bioavailability is a pro too. As this collagen includes zinc, vitamin C, and horsetail extract it adds in all you need to absorb and produce collagen better. Healthy hair is always a plus. All collagen supplements should do this however, but the stellar ingredient combo makes it even better. It also helps with weight loss. This complete protein means that you can add more nutrients to your snacks and meals, so you may see some fat reduction if you pair it with a good diet and plenty of activity.

Okay, But Does It Actually Work?

Every product will make claims, and sometimes it just sounds a bit fishy. However, this product is rated very highly. And research pres that collagen products are effective - especially for aging populations. This product seems even better thanks to the additional ingredients. It is safe to say that the claims are legit, as the product is a complete protein with all the additions, such as tryptophan. Thanks to vitamin C, zinc, and so on, the collagen is also more bioavailable as well. All the ingredients just help it to work better.

Who Is It Actually For?

Collagen supplements are typically targeted at the older demographic, for wrinkle free skin. However, younger people can also take collagen too, for preventative measures, and it can be just as effective. If you have dry skin, Organixx Collagen is also useful for hydrating skin too, or if you have joint pain it can ease your discomfort. It can help to improve gut health, strengthen the immune system, and give your diet that extra boost. So, it is pretty much for everyone. Yet, maybe not for vegans, as collagen does include animal products. There are vegan and vegetarian products out there, but they are not quite up to par with all the benefits. Disclaimer: Do speak to your doctor before taking collagen. Even more if you have any pre-existing conditions, or food intolerances.

To Conclude

There is much good to say about this product. Of course, like anything you can get side effects such as digestive issues, allergic reactions, and it is not necessarily safe for pregnant women, nursing moms, or children. However, for the majority of the population it is perfect, safe, and has many benefits. Collagen can help to brighten and hydrate skin, hair, and nails, as well as improving many other aspects of your health. Do be sure to consult a doctor before taking any, especially if you have any conditions. For the best results, why not get a scoop into hot beverages, cereal, or pudding. Yummy and good for you!

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