Neurohacker Reviews (1)

Neurohacker Reviews

Neurohacker collective is a supplement company that provides customers with nootropic supplements.

They are best known for their products that fall under the brand ‘Qualia’. Nootropics are also known as ‘smart drugs’ and can be found in synthetic form, as medications for those who have conditions such as ADHD.

They can also be found in supplement form, which contains natural nootropics that can be taken to increase cognitive function and awareness. These supplements by Qualia contain nootropics that target cognitive performance, sleep, vision, and anti-aging.

Neurohacker offers several kinds of supplements that fall under the Qualia brand. Neurohacker stands out as a supplement company because they have a team of genuine doctors behind the scenes, giving their scientific knowledge and input in all of their products.

They have a team of medical advisors, including naturopathic doctors, PHDs, medical doctors, and other professionals. This article will be going over each supplement they offer, outlining their benefits and what kinds of ingredients have been included. If you’re experiencing a lack of energy throughout the day, making you pour yet another cup of coffee, then you may benefit from taking a supplement that’ll give you more of a boost.

Keep reading to learn more about these supplements.

Neurohacker Reviews


Qualia Mind

Neurohacker Reviews

The most known supplement from Qualia is Qualia Mind. It targets mental focus, and has a very high dosage at seven capsules for one serving!As well as containing nootropics, this supplement contains caffeine, and strong doses of several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, vitamin C, and niacin.

These vitamins provide your body with what it needs for wellness and energy. It also contains L-theanine, a compound that is found naturally in black and green tea.

This is an amino acid, that is known to boost mental focus, improve sleep, and can improve the immune system. It also has Bacopa monnieri leaf extract, which has been used by Ayurvedic medical practitioners for years.

It is said to be effective in reducing anxiety, and improving memory. Rhodiola rosea root extract has also been added to the mix in this supplement.

It is widely used as a health supplement for its many benefits, including helping with fatigue, concentration, and mood. There is also a caffeine-free option for this supplement, called Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

This version of the supplement has all the same benefits as the regular ‘Mind’ supplement but does not contain caffeine.

Some people do not like the effects of caffeine, so prefer to avoid consuming anything that contains it. This enables customers who don’t want caffeine to still enjoy the mental benefits of this supplement.


Qualia Mind Essentials

Neurohacker Reviews 1

Qualia Mind Essentials is a lighter version of the regular Qualia Mind supplement.

It is a cheaper price, and has slightly less ingredients than Qualia Mind, but will still provide you with noticeable mental and cognitive benefits.

With this supplement, you will still get plenty of hearty doses of the B vitamins, and Bacopa monnieri. There is caffeine in this supplement, giving you that extra boost.


Qualia Life

Neurohacker Reviews 2

Unlike the previous options, instead of providing you with cognitive enhancement, this supplement promotes anti-aging across the body. This formula contains doses of vitamin B12, and thiamin in order to give your body the beneficial vitamins that it needs.

It also contains tri-creatine malate, which helps muscle mass.

Neurohacker claim that Qualia life can improve energy levels, promotes good-quality sleep and can amplify productivity.

It is supposed to protect you against the effects of aging and stress.


Qualia Immune

Neurohacker Reviews 3

Immune function is essential for living a healthy life, and Qualia immune can help boost your immune system by creating resilience throughout your body.

The ingredients in this formula promote cell renewal, as well as include ingredients that have adaptogens. These help your body react to mental and physical stress.

This product contains spirulina, echinacea, and ginseng root, all containing powerful antioxidants that can reduce inflammation.

For each serving, you are to take four capsules of Qualia immune daily.

While it is not stated whether this supplement will improve mental focus, it definitely targets the immune system, helping you build resistance to harmful bacteria that would normally make you sick.


Qualia Nootropic Energy

Neurohacker Reviews 4

If you’d like an on-the-go energy boost, then Qualia Nootropic Energy may be the supplement for you.

Similar to Qualia Mind, this formula is said to support cognition with a blend of vitamins, minerals, herbal and plant extracts that have links to an increase in energy.

This supplement contains Alpha GPC, which is a compound that has cognitive enhancing properties and increasing levels of energy.

According to Neurohacker, Qualia Nootropic Energy contains 12 nutrients that support brain health and energy levels.

It also contains caffeine, and when that is mixed with all its other ingredients, it will really stimulate mental performance.


Qualia Night

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Toning it down a notch, Qualia Night is a sleep aid, that helps you relax in order for you to experience a good quality sleep.

It will help your body recharge overnight.

Poor sleep can lead to a number of health issues such as fatigue, stress, and low immune function.

Ensuring you have a good night’s sleep will make you all the more energetic for the following day.

This formula contains ingredients such as holy basil and hawthorn leaf extract, which are both effective in reducing anxiety and are commonly used as sedatives.

These, along with other ingredients used to promote relaxation, make this a great formula to have on your nightstand, to ensure you’ll have a restful sleep, ready to take on the following day.


Qualia Vision

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One of their newer releases is Qualia Vision, which is said to support eye health.

It has been designed for those who experience eye strain and want to protect their vision from blue light and excessive time in front of screens.

This formula contains plant pigments known for eye health, super fruit extracts, antioxidants, vitamin B12, and taurine.

Taurine is a chemical that helps support nerve growth, and can also be effective in suppressing feelings of fatigue. It is often used to support athletic performance.


Qualia Skin

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Another new formula is Qualia Skin. After extensive research on skin health, Qualia has come up with a formula that uses plant-based ingredients to nourish and feed the skin from the inside -out.

They have incorporated antioxidants, minerals, super fruit extracts, and biotin to support firmness and elasticity to the skin.

The combination of all these ingredients is also said to add moisture and glow to the surface of the skin.


Qualia Focus

Neurohacker Reviews 8

Qualia focus has been formulated to increase mental energy in its customers, by providing them with a variety of nootropics and vitamins that will really increase cognitive performance.

The caffeine component increases alertness and attention, and the variety of B vitamins are effective in converting fats and sugars into energy to fuel the brain.

This supplement includes L-Theanine which promotes calm energy while also helping the brain maintain focus.

It also includes L-Ornithine which works well with caffeine, extending its benefits and promoting a positive mood.

What Have Consumers Said About These Products?

Many have praised Qualia supplements, especially Qualia Mind, stating it really helped them focus on the tasks they had to complete.

Many praised these supplements for the increase in energy they gave them.

Others have said that after taking the supplements consistently for a number of weeks, they found they were able to manage their stress better when it came to switching tasks often.

Many customers said they noticed an improvement in their memory recall, and experienced less fatigue overall.

Qualia Night was praised for helping people sleep better, but it was also noted that it helped those who enjoy meditation. It boosted their tranquility and aided in relaxation.

It was also noted, however, that some people did not feel many of the benefits that Neurohacker claims Qualia products are supposed to give.

Some stated they had been taking it for weeks without feeling anything. It is important to note, that everyone’s make up is unique, and what works for some people may not work for others.

When it comes to these kinds of supplements, sometimes a trial and error approach is needed, as it may take some time to find one that suits you best.

Some customers also noted that the dosage was rather large, with some products’ dosage being 7 tables daily, and others being 4 tables daily.

This is something to take into account before purchasing these supplements.

Final Thoughts

Neurohacker Reviews (1)

Neurohacker is a company that values the science behind their ingredients and are passionate about providing their customers with a high-quality product that will enhance their cognitive abilities.

If you have been feeling an overwhelming amount of fatigue, instead of drinking more coffee, you could try one of the Qualia supplements.

While Neurohacker claims to carry out extensive research before putting formulas together, this is a lack of wider research on whether nootropics are safe in the long term.

Therefore, caution should be taken when adding these kinds of supplements to your daily life, and you should never exceed the recommended amount.

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