How To Actually Measure Fitness Progress: Beyond the Scale

How To Actually Measure Fitness Progress: Beyond the Scale

We've all been there - stepping on the scale and feeling defeated by the number staring back at us. But when it comes to measuring fitness progress, there are so many other ways to track your success beyond just your weight. Here are some key indicators to focus on instead:

  1. How you look
  2. While the number on the scale may not budge, you may notice changes in your body composition. Take progress photos and compare them over time to see changes in your shape and definition.
  3. Measurements
  4. Grab a tape measure and track your measurements, such as your waist, hips, arms, and thighs. Seeing a decrease in inches can be more motivating than a decrease in pounds.
  5. How your clothes fit
  6. Are your jeans feeling looser or your shirts fitting better? Take note of how your clothing fits as a sign of progress.
  7. Increased strength
  8. If you're strength training, keep track of how much weight you can lift and how many reps you can do. Seeing yourself get stronger is a sure sign of progress.
  9. How you actually feel
  10. Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better? Do you feel more confident? These are all signs that your fitness routine is making a positive impact on your life.
  11. Taking pictures
  12. Pictures can be a great way to measure progress. Not only can you see changes in your body, but you can also see how far you've come on your fitness journey.

Remember, the scale is just one way to measure progress and can be a liar at times. Don't let it determine your worth or success. Focus on these other indicators to track your progress and celebrate your wins along the way!

In conclusion, measuring your fitness progress is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. However, it's important to remember that progress goes beyond the number on the scale. By using alternative measures such as measurements, how your clothes fit, strength gains, how you feel, and progress photos, you can track your progress in a much more meaningful way. So, step away from the scale and start celebrating your progress today!

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