Assessing Your Fitness Level: Bodyweight Exercises to Test Your Strength

Assessing Your Fitness Level: Bodyweight Exercises to Test Your Strength

As we strive towards a healthier and more active lifestyle, it's important to assess our fitness level and set realistic goals for ourselves. One way to do this is by performing bodyweight exercises that test our strength and endurance. In this blog post, we will go over several bodyweight exercises, including bodyweight squats, planks, pushups (for both men and women), and burpees, and provide guidelines for determining your fitness level based on your performance.

First up, bodyweight squats. This exercise is great for targeting your legs, glutes, and core. For beginners, performing less than 20 squats is a good starting point. For those who can do 20-40 squats, you're considered an intermediate. And if you can perform 40 or more squats, congratulations, you're an advanced athlete!

Next, the plank. This exercise is excellent for building core strength and stability. For beginners, holding a plank for less than 60 seconds is a good starting point. Those who can hold a plank for 60 to 120 seconds are considered intermediate, and those who can hold it for 120 seconds or more are advanced.

Moving on to pushups, which are a classic exercise that target the chest, shoulders, and triceps. For women, performing less than 15 pushups is considered beginner level, while 16-24 pushups are considered intermediate, and more than 25 pushups are considered advanced. For men, performing less than 25 pushups is beginner level, while 26-39 pushups are intermediate, and more than 40 pushups are advanced.

Lastly, burpees, which are a full-body exercise that target multiple muscle groups. For beginners, performing less than 20 burpees is a good starting point. For those who can do 20-30 burpees, you're considered intermediate. And if you can perform more than 30 burpees, you're an advanced athlete.

It's important to note that everyone's fitness level is different, and there's no need to compare yourself to others. The most important thing is to challenge yourself and work towards your own personal goals. By using these bodyweight exercises as a benchmark, you can track your progress and improve your overall fitness level over time.

In conclusion, assessing your fitness level is an important step towards achieving your fitness goals. By performing these bodyweight exercises and using the guidelines provided, you can determine your current fitness level and work towards improving it. Remember to listen to your body and challenge yourself, but also be kind and patient with yourself throughout the process.

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